Drone reinforces operational capability of the Brazilian Air Force

Drone reinforces operational capability of the Brazilian Air Force


The Brazilian Air Force (FAB) has acquired a unit of remotely piloted aircraft (ARP) Hermes 900, from the Israeli Elbit Systems. The contract value of U.S.$ 8 million signed last week includes the logistical support and one year guarantee of the equipment.

The purchase was done by the Air Force Logistics Center (CELOG) and was under negotiations since last year. According to the CELOG Chief, Air Brigadier Ricardo César Mangrich, the new UAV, as it is known, comes to Brazil in early May and will be ready for use during the World Cup. The competition starts in June.

Addition to those already known RQ-450 Hermes resources, among the main advantages of operating Hermes 900 is SkEye. This is a set of 10 high resolution cameras which allow surveillance of an entire region. The software, which processes the set of images, allows visualization independently, which allows monitoring within the same area different targets simultaneously. About 10 people will be needed to operate the new tool. This sensor fitted to the Hermes 900 bought by Brazil was only available to the Armed Forces of Israel, until now. These advantages are important allies in the toolset used by FAB for the electronic monitoring of borders in the country.

Source: DefesaNet