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Dresden city modelled in Google Earth

Chemnitz, Germany, July 26, 2007: Dresden is now accessible as a complete, interactive 3D city model in the Internet. The 3D city model, with more than 150,000 buildings, is the largest of its kind to date in comparison to other similar 3D city models available using the Google Earth platform.

3D Geo sales and systems integration partner, Chemnitz, Germany-based virtualcitySYSTEMS, created and then transferred the city model into the Google Earth format KML. The interactive, real-time environment allows the user to move about in virtual space and observe the city from various perspectives. Internet users can start the model by clicking this link www.dresden.de/3d-model and then view it via Google Earth.

All buildings that were larger than 25 square meters were taken into consideration, approximately 154,000 buildings. With this volume, Dresden surpasses Berlin, with its 44,000 model buildings,that also went online using Google Earth Technology in March. Thirty buildings in the Dresden model are presented to the viewer replete with fine details; they display an exact representation of the facade elements. Also, highly complex city-landmark buildings and geometric roof features can be viewed.

The city model has long been used by the city planning and survey departments for environmental studies and evaluation of design alternatives. Current uses include noise mapping, urban planning, visualization of traffic flow and infrastructure and location marketing.