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DRC gets Web-based mining cadastre system

DRC: Spatial Dimension announced that a beta version of the Democratic Republic of Congo’s online mining cadastre portal has recently gone live. The portal can be accessed at . The beta site enables users to view the DRC’s mining cadastre data in a simple mapping interface as well as to search tenements by company name and identify on the map.

“CAMI (Cadastre Minier de la République Démocratique du Congo) has always strived to provide transparency in the application, granting and renewal of exploration and mining licenses and this was the next step for us,” said Jean Felix Mupande, the Director General of CAMI, DRC’s Mining Cadastre Agency.

“CAMI is using FlexiCadastre to manage their back-office business processes with respect to mineral rights management for some years, so it is great that we now have been able to assist them with publishing their data live on the internet. This beta version is simply the first phase of developing CAMI’s on-line presence. Currently the data is updated on a monthly basis and it is anticipated that a live feed will be implemented in due course. I would like to congratulate Jean Felix for his foresight and commitment to transparency within his agency. There are many government agencies in Africa and abroad that should be following his lead,” said Charles Young, Government Sector Manager at Spatial Dimension.

Source: Spatial Dimension