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DNI Unveils the 2014 National Intelligence Strategy

US: James R Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, US, has unveiled the 2014 National Intelligence Strategy – the blueprint that will drive the priorities for the nation's 17 Intelligence Community components over the next four years. The National Intelligence Strategy (NIS) is one of the most important documents for the Intelligence Community (IC) as it sets forth the strategic environment, sets priorities and objectives, and focuses resources on current and future budgets, acquisitions and operations decisions. Most importantly, the strategy builds on the success achieved with integrating intelligence since the previous NIS, as demonstrated by both high-profile operational achievements and significant enterprise improvements.

“Intelligence integration is a journey, not an end state, and The National Intelligence Strategy is another way to promote the integration of the 17 Intelligence Community components, which has been my major theme for the past four years. I believe it’s the reason my post and office exists, and it’s what the 9/11 Commission advocated and IRTPA legislated,” said Clapper.

The National Intelligence Strategy lays out the strategic environment and identifies pervasive and emerging threats. While key nation states such as China, Russia, North Korea and Iran will continue to challenge US interests, global power is also becoming more diffuse. New alignments and informal networks, outside of traditional power blocs and national governments, will increasingly have significant impact in global affairs. Competition for scarce resources such as food, water and energy is growing in importance as an intelligence issue as that competition exacerbates instability, and the constant advancements and globalisation of technology will bring both benefits and challenges.

Source: DNI