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DMTI Spatial to enhance restaurant order management system

Markham, Canada, July 30, 2007: DMTI Spatial, a leading provider of Enterprise location intelligence, has been selected by St-Hubert Bar-B-Q Ltd., a major restaurant chain based in Quebec, to coordinate and optimize its order management system located in Montreal for home delivery from the company’s 100 restaurants located in Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick.

Each year the company receives close to 2 million calls. Using DMTI’s CanMap Street Files and postal code products utilizing ArcGIS Server and ArcGIS Desktop software from ESRI Canada, customer service agents at St-Hubert’s call center can pinpoint the exact location of a customer and immediately send their order to the restaurant closest to them. Additionally, the same application is used to located customers using the web site to order from the restaurant online.

First time St-Hubert customers calling into a central number at the company’s state-of-the-art call center are asked for their coordinates including name, address and telephone number. After agents enter the information into the system, the address is geocoded to determine the closest restaurant to send the order for fulfillment. Once in the data base, repeat customers need only give their telephone number and the system automatically forwards the order to the appropriate restaurant for delivery. Should the customer have a non-conventional address, agents can use points of interest such as hospitals, malls, parks and buildings to pinpoint the location. This enables St-Hubert to decrease the amount of time it takes to process an order, optimize the flow of orders to restaurants and enhance the overall customer experience.