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DMTI spatial products play key role in fight against SARS

SARS continues to frustrate health care professionals and DMTI Spatial has once again risen to help those in need. They have responded to an urgent call for assistance from Health Canada and the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR – the sister agency to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), by offering a number of powerful geographic tools for the purpose of tracking SARS. DMTI Spatial has provided complimentary licenses of GeoPinpoint Suite (a geocoding software); FSA (Forward Sortation Area) data; CanMap Streetfiles; and Enhanced Points of Interest for airports, hospitals and schools. According to the participating institutions, these products will play a key role in the effort to map and monitor the spread of the disease; recognize local resources; and to identify border crossing points. The SARS response marks the third time that DMTI Spatial products have been made available in times of extreme need. Previously, the company responded with similar tools for the 1998 ice storm in eastern Ontario and Quebec and the 1997 Red River Flood in Winnipeg, Manitoba. When the country is in need and you can help, you act quickly to lend whatever support you can, said John Fisher, President and CEO of DMTI Spatial.

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