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DMTI Spatial Launches SMART

Canada’s leading mapping data and geocoding solutions provider, DMTI Spatial, is pleased to announce the launch of a new education program called SMART, Spatial Mapping Academic Research Tools.

Based on the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI) concept, DMTI Spatial’s SMART Program provides participating Canadian Universities and Colleges with access to leading geospatial mapping data products. Participants receive an enterprise wide site license to use the data for teaching and research purposes only.

Academia has been highly supportive and appreciative of DMTI Spatial and their efforts to liberate access to Canadian GIS data. The following testimonies (December 2001) from across the country are a sample of those celebrating this bold initiative.

“The DMTI Spatial initiative to provide high-quality geospatial data to post-secondary institutions across Canada is a groundbreaking achievement for GIS education in this country. Faculty and students will benefit from the best Canadian geospatial data available anywhere. This agreement will most likely be a model for many other educational initiatives to benefit from GIS education in North America”, said Marcel A.J. Fortin, John P. Robarts Library, University of Toronto.