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DMTI Spatial enhances Multiple Dwelling Unit product

Ontario, Canada, 22 May 2007: DMTI Spatial (DMTI) announced that it has enhanced its Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) product with verified unit floor counts and actual suite address numbers.

MDU data product is designed to help businesses improve the accuracy of marketing analytics, distribution and service provisioning. Characteristics such as building type, number of floors, unit numbers and additional information provide details required to drive precision decision making.

The MDU product, which is maintained within DMTI’s Location Hub provides detailed information about Canadian commercial, government and residential buildings. MDU buildings throughout Canada are identified, along with information such as building use, parking attributes, point of physical access, number of floors and total number of units. In addition to this, verified units per floor and actual unit numbers provide a level of granularity that improves market penetration models, provisioning and product distribution strategies.

DMTI Spatial is a provider of location based solutions for private companies and government agencies. DMTI’s Location Hub platform identifies and cross-references a universe of location-based data. DMTI is the creator of the CanMap suite of geospatial data products, including CanMap Streets and RouteLogistics.

Source: https://www.dmtispatial.com/