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DMP upbeat about convergence of technologies

Irvine, US: Digital Map Products (DMP) is expecting record sales in 2011 as mapping and cloud computing converge. According to Jim Skurzynski, CEO, DMP; convergence of these two powerful technologies will continue and additional markets will open up as more sectors continue to discover uses for advanced spatial display and analysis.

The company press release writes, “Beginning with the popularisation of Google Maps and Bing Maps, consumers have embraced location technology and incorporated it into their everyday lives. They now expect their employers and the businesses that serve them to offer mapping tools and geo-referenced data.” And, Skurzynski said, “As 2011 begins, we challenge businesses to take the next step, to go beyond basic mapping, or simply putting points on a map, and take full advantage of the affordable, intuitive spatial tools that are now readily available.”

Skurzynski predicts more industries will begin to make use of the power of spatial technology in 2011. Local governments and real estate firms continue to expand their use of GIS to operate more efficiently and enhance their decision making. DMP has already seen increased interest from medium to large cities that need to scale back but still deliver the spatial services their residents demand. Also, in 2010, several of the major real estate multiple listing services (MLS’s) unveiled advanced mapping in their public and member facing sites, turning to companies like DMP to power their mapping technology and provide spatial expertise.

Source: DMP