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DMP launches an innovative spatial technology for businesses

Irvine, CA, US: Digital Map Products (DMP) launched its new SpatialStream SaaS spatial development platform. After the success of CityGIS, LandVision products and ParcelStream; SpatialStream represents the next step of DMP in sophisticated spatial technology for businesses.

Geoffrey Wade, DMP’s Chief Technology Officer, said, “The platform facilitates the streamlined development of embedded GIS applications. It frees up developers so they can focus on developing workflow solutions and integrating organisational data sets.”

SpatialStream takes advantage of cloud computing. With no upfront capital expenditures or unpredictable expense hikes, customers of SpatialStream gain immediate access to sophisticated functionality, best-in-class reliability and global accessibility. DMP’s spatial platform lets businesses spatially enable their applications in a fraction of the time it would take with traditional methods and technology.

Cloud computing, SaaS and location based services are converging to create rapidly escalating market demand for user-friendly but powerful mapping tools. The revolution began with Google Maps and Microsoft’s Bing Maps. These consumer tools allowed the average person to see the value of data visualised on a map and the power of manipulating and analysing data from a spatial perspective. Mashups have gone a long way towards raising the awareness of spatial technology, but getting points onto a map is only the beginning of the spatial technology revolution.

Marty Frame, President of Realtors Property Resource, LLC, said, “With ParcelStream, Digital Map Products transformed online real estate search by making it easy to both reference parcel data and to display and integrate it with other data and spatial technology. Now, SpatialStream goes even further, allowing adopters to greatly expand the breadth and sophistication of spatial technology in their applications.” Marty has been a long-time partner of Digital Map Products and an early adopter of consumer facing spatial technology.