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DMCii 2011 country image packs available in half price

UK: Remote sensing solutions provider DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii) launched its ‘New Year Sale’ during which customers can purchase its ready-to-use country image packs in half price.
According to the company’s press statement, DMCii imaging specialists produced complete, high quality 22m multi-spectral satellite imagery of many countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas. The image packs are compiled using the best available imagery from 2011 resulting in exceptionally low cloud cover even in tropical regions. The 650km satellite swath ensures that very large areas are covered within consistent time windows and with an easily manageable number of image tiles, offering significant advantages to the end user.
Images are delivered in half-swath 320km by 300km tiles and ortho-rectified so that they are ready to process in a broad range of GIS systems.  The multi-spectral data is radiometrically cross-calibrated to within 1 percent of Landsat core bands (Red, Green, NIR) and is commonly used for government surveys and scientific research for water management, agricultural planning, forest cover and land use mapping.
The New Year image pack sale will be available till February 29, 2012.
Source: DMCii