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DMC-1 satellite retires after eight years of service

UK: DMC- 1, one of the first generation disaster monitoring constellation satellites from the UK, retired from service after over 8 years in orbit, Space Daily reported. It was launched on September 27, 2003, with fellow constellation satellites NigeriaSat-1 and BILSAT-1. It has exceeded its original 5-year design lifetime by over 50 percent with an impressive 8 years and 1 month of operation.

DMC-1’s imaging workload has now passed to DMC2 and the new generation of DMC satellites, providing data continuity for DMCii’s customers.

The constellation is the work of a pioneering international co-operation consortium led by SSTL and made up of six countries: Algeria, China, Nigeria, Turkey, Spain and the UK.

The GPS Reflectometry experiment on DMC-1 was the first dedicated experiment to demonstrate the viability of using reflected GPS signals from space to measure geophysical parameters, such as ocean weather. For the first time, spaceborne signals were received by the satellite from reflections off sea, ice, snow and land and a follow-on instrument will be flying on TechDemoSat-1.

DMC-1’s Resistojet technology was also the first of its kind. This water-based propulsion system proved to be both an efficient and low cost alternative to the use of hazardous propellants which require infrastructure and can cause complications at high pressures.

Source: Space Daily