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DMA establishes geographic names division

Abu Dhabi, UAE: The Department of Municipal Affairs (DMA) in Abu Dhabi recently announced the formation of a new division under the Land and Property Management department. Known as the Addressing and Geographic Names division, the initiative aims to have a unified street addressing system and also to standardise street names and signages in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The mandate of the new division is to take care of the addressing, signage and geographic names in the entire Emirate of Abu Dhabi, explains Ahmed Awad Al Mazrooei, Acting Director, Property & GIS department at the Department of Municipal Affairs. The new street address will combine the address number/house number, street name, district and city name along with the postal code. After the completion of the project, all the streets in Abu Dhabi including main roads, secondary roads and internal roads will have unique names. At present, the streets are numbered, which raises the possibility of multiple streets with the same number and thus leads to confusion.

The streets will be named after heritage sites and prominent people and will give recognition to the people who have contributed to the success of the country in various fields. The one of a kind division in the entire United Arab Emirates will have a division head and two section heads with six to seven people working under each section head. The department will also conduct a training or capacity building programme for the Emiratis after the completion of the recruitment process.

The Department of Municipal Affairs, in particular the Property and GIS Division, have contributed heavily towards the setting up of a proper foundation for both of the street addressing and geographic names practice in Abu Dhabi, through developing a complete standards and specifications manual for addressing and signage. Moreover, the addressing standards of Abu Dhabi has been recently adopted and approved to be the UAE standard addressing manual.

Source: Our Correspondent