DM Solutions launches DMSG Premiere

DM Solutions launches DMSG Premiere


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, September 13, 2006 – DM Solutions Group has announced the launch of DMSG Premiere, the first commercial support service dedicated to open source Web Mapping technologies. For the first time, users of MapServer, MapGuide Open Source and related technologies can develop applications with the heightened assurance and technology backing that a commercial support service can provide.

In addition to the commercial support for the technology being provided by DMSG Premiere, a significant priority has been placed on supporting the specific needs of application developers who may be unfamiliar with how to effectively using Web Mapping technology. Users often come from either a Web/IT or GIS background, but rarely both. Many of the services provided by Premiere are targeted at filling in these gaps by providing background and reference information, technical insights, and advice from the company that has been focusing on Web Mapping solutions delivery for over 8 years.

Support is delivered at various levels beginning with base support, offering information, notifications updates and security alerts to the highest level of support available through the use of web based and toll free phone support enabling the speedy resolution of critical issues. The value of the open source Web Mapping process is enhanced by the support DMSG Premiere delivers to individual users or large public/private organizations with complex IT infrastructure requirements. A multi-tier support structure enables business partners to embed the most appropriate DMSG Premiere plan into their own value-added support offering while keeping it simple for their customers.

– DM Solutions Group Inc.
DM Solutions Group Inc. ( is the primary corporate developer and maintainer of MapServer – and a key contributor to MapGuide open source. Building on its open source success, DM Solutions Group focuses on custom solutions delivery, professional services, hosted online mapping services, and value-added products and solutions for a broad range of users of open source Web Mapping technologies, and select industries such as Health Care and Real Estate.