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DM Solutions Group releases MapLab 2.0

DM Solutions Group Inc., a Web mapping solutions company, announced the release of MapLab 2.0, a suite of Web-based open source tools. MapLab was developed by DM Solutions Group to simplify the process of deploying MapServer Web mapping applications. MabLab supports every stage of publishing spatial data online in live mapping applications’ discovery and integration of data, cartographic representation of map layers, and the creation of Web mapping applications.

The Atlas of Canada has been using DM Solutions Group’s MapLab tools to manage map content on their interactive information sharing application.

MapLab 2.0 consists of MapEdit, MapBrowser, and GMapFactory. MapEdit allows users to create, edit and manage MapServer Mapfiles on Web servers with ease. MapBrowser is a spatial data discovery tool compliant with the Open GIS Consortium Web Mapping Specification. GMapFactory is used to rapidly create and deploy custom mapping applications. Together MapEdit, MapBrowser and GMapFactory operate as a full suite of tools for publishing live maps online.