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DM Solutions Group and Intevation team to deliver MapServer

Headquartered in Canada DM Solutions Group Inc., a provider of open source web mapping community, and Intevation, a Germany based leading Free Software consulting company, recently announced a joint plan to deliver professional MapServer support in Europe. Through a partnership agreement, any government and enterprise customer of Intevation will have the ability to automatically access DM Solutions Group for third-level support for MapServer and related software. Intevation will work directly with its customers to deliver security updates and general MapServer support, while DM Solutions Group will deliver upgrades and new releases of the technology. MapServer applications have been produced with large datasets and tough requirements for stability and availability. Prompt support, security maintenance and sustainable ongoing development are the key factors for customer success. The MapServer support from DM Solutions Group and Intevation combines the advantages of a Free Software product and enterprise-level services.