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DLR observes lava flows of Icelandic volcano

Bardarbunga spread of lava flow: Radar Satellite Imagery: DLRGermany, September 19, 2014: Researchers of German Aerospace Center (DLR) Remote Sensing Technology Institute are continuously monitoring lava flows of Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano.

The images acquired from German radar satellite TerraSAR-X were based on data sets from 13 August, 4 September and 15 September 2014.

Yellow shows the growth of the lava field between 13 August and 4 September; red shows the expansion between 4 and 15 September. It is obvious that the area has doubled.

These images of lava flows will be used to analyse changes to Earth's surface throughout the entire process in addition to measuring the sulphur dioxide emissions.

DLR, under a project, is combining its research work on the effects of volcanic ash on air traffic. This project includes a satellite-supported process that quickly determines and predicts the distribution of ash in the air and contributes to flexible air traffic management so that ash-free and hence safe regions for commercial aviation can be approved. In addition, the still inadequately understood effects of volcanic ash on aircraft engines are being examined, and an ash warning system for commercial airliners is being designed.

Source: DLR