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District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) Karnataka, India launches Education GIS

The District Primary Education Programme (DPEP) in Karnataka has been taking many innovative steps to reach primary education to the children in the age group 6- 14 at every village, hamlet and settlement in 16 educationally backward districts of Karnataka The DPEP has been using extensive Computer Aided Data Base and analysis tools in its planning and monitoring. The DPEP had built up an Educational management Information system (EMIS) on every school served by the programme. This EMIS enables the officers to generate tables and analyse them and decide on issues like, opening new schools, addition of class rooms, teacher positioning etc.

It was felt desirable that analysing the data on a digital map of Karnataka would throw up many interesting spatial patterns and would help in locating regions on concern and addressing issues of relevance. For example questions like where in a taluka are regions of low female literacy and low girl child enrolment needs to be answered. If this could be visualised on a map focussed attention could be given to that region. The DPEP was looking for away to link the EMIS with a digital map and analysing geographically the data of importance. There was a need for an Educational Geographic Information System Edu- GIS.

The DPEP contracted Spatial Data Private Limited, who had already developed digital map of Karnataka with village, taluka, district boundaries, roads and who had developed a number of GIS tools. In collaboration with them over the past six months the EMIS data has now been mapped. Queries on each school could now be answered and shown on the map. Spatial patterns could be discerned and used for analysis. Clustering of schools to provide resource support could be now planned more effectively. The EDU _ GIS is now ready for installation at the districts. Prof. B. K. Chandrashekar, Hon. Minister for Primary and Secondary Education will be formally launching the deployment of EDU-GIS on 25th February 2003.