Home News Disney parks to roll out RFID-enabled ‘magic bands’

Disney parks to roll out RFID-enabled ‘magic bands’

US: Disney theme parks are focusing on using the latest technology to entertain visitors, and now the company has decided to harness the power of RFID technology with a new wearable piece of tech designed to unlock the parks” many treasures.

The MagicBand is Disney”s RFID bracelet that can be used to unlock Disney resort hotel room doors, pay for various food and souvenirs, and act as a ticket for the theme park”s rides and attractions. As a security measure, users will need to enter a four-digit pin code when using the MagicBand for any purchase of USD 50 or above. And while the MagicBand is promoted as a tool to provide convenience for visitors, according to a New York Times report, the bracelet is part of a larger system called MyMagic+ that will track and analyse visitor movements and purchasing behavior down to the minute detail.

Another component of the system is a smartphone app called My Disney Experience that allows users to pre-arrange theme park events and even character interactions (i.e. the people wearing the costumes depicting Disney cartoon icons). And, if parents opt in, the MagicBand can be coded to transmit the personal data of your family member to a character actor so that it will appear that the character knows your child”s name and birthday upon first meeting.

The company says the RFID bracelet won”t be forced on visitors who prefer to stick with the traditional tickets, but in such an environment, where consumers are essentially a captive audience, it”s likely that mandatory MagicBands are only a matter of time.

Source: DVice