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Discover Ordnance Survey map data for free

From the 1st August 2005, staff and students at various education institutions can access a range of Ordnance Survey map data products free of charge for the 2005-2006 academic year. These maps are available from the Digimap service, which is provided by the EDINA Datacentre at the University of Edinburgh.

To access this online resource, one needs to ensure that his/her institution holds a current Ordnance Survey Education Copyright Licence, which costs £145 + VAT for FE colleges, and for 6th form colleges it is just £88 + VAT.

Staff and students can view and print on-line maps of any location in Great Britain at a series of predefined scales, and query and display postcodes or place names. More advanced on-line mapping facilities allow users to specify their map scale, overlay different map products and print maps up to A0 in size. Being able to print maps means that users do not need to be online or require a suite of computers to use the materials.

Users can also download the map, postcode and place name data for use with appropriate application software such as GIS, CAD, spreadsheets and databases.

As these materials are copyright cleared for educational use, they can be incorporated in teaching and learning materials such as course packs, lecture notes and presentations, student reports, projects, dissertations and assignments as well as Virtual Learning Environments.