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GeoWrap: Discover more with new Ordnance Survey GPS Devices; Sentinels helping to map minerals and more

Discover more with new Ordnance Survey GPS Devices

UK: Ordnance Survey (OS) has announced the launch of four new off-road OS GPS navigation devices for walking, hiking and off-road cycling. The innovative GPS units are a first for OS, and have been designed for ease-of-use straight out of the box. They boast the trusted accuracy that you would expect from Ordnance Survey, combined with advanced performance features. Covering the areas you choose, each device comes with up to 12 tiles of OS’s world-famous leisure mapping, giving access to up to 8,000 km2(Read More)

Sentinels helping to map minerals

The traditional way of mapping Earth’s geology and mineral resources is a costly and time-consuming undertaking. While satellites cannot entirely replace the expert in the field, they can certainly help – as a recent effort in Africa shows. Geological maps identify different types of rock, faults, groundwater and deposits. They are not only essential for building infrastructure and assessing risk, but also important for locating and mining natural resources. ESA has recently supported a pan-African…(Read More)

Skycatch and DJI announce global agreement to deliver 1,000 industrial drones for Komatsu

US: Commercial drone data company Skycatch, and DJI, the world’s leading manufacturer of civilian drones and aerial imaging technology, have extended their partnership to manufacture and deliver a fleet of 1,000 high-precision drones for Komatsu Smart Construction. This represents the largest commercial drone order in history. Each drone is manufactured by DJI and outfitted with specialized Skycatch technology, and is the first time DJI has manufactured a custom drone for a partner…(Read More)

Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer ESK, Hexagon and Nokia test automated driving technology

Germany: During a series of tests on the A9 motorway digital test track in Germany, Deutsche Telekom, Fraunhofer ESK, Hexagon and Nokia have reached a milestone on the path to safe automated driving. The companies achieved centimetre-level positioning accuracy for vehicles, demonstrating the effectiveness of their combined technologies. The mass-market technology currently available provides a positioning accuracy in the range of metres. Bringing this down to centimetre range in a way…(Read More)

Over 50% of commercial drone flights will be conducted autonomously by 2022 globally

US: The commercial unmanned aerial services (UAS) market is experiencing a steady economic expansion due to disruptive innovations such as autonomous platforms, transitional drones, and hybrid propulsion. Frost & Sullivan expects that by 2022 over 50 percent of commercial drone flights will be conducted autonomously operating much like warehouse robots operate today. This innovation will create new industry opportunities as drones will be used as a tool to make operations more efficient…(Read More)

Sentera announces dual-band RTK for PHX fixed-wing drone

US: Sentera announces the general release of its RTK GPS precision positioning module for the PHX Pro fixed-wing drone. The module delivers true L1/L2, multi-constellation RTK to the PHX Pro. Sentera’s RTK solution offers survey, agriculture, and mapping customers sub-5cm and better accuracy on orthomosaics and 3D mapping and modelling products without the need for surveyed ground control points or time-consuming post-processing of the GPS data. Launch customer ISight RPV Services beta-tested…(Read More)

Airbus to demonstrate its digital data platform capability at GeoSmart Asia – Locate ‘18

Australia: Airbus Defence & Space is all set to unveil its latest geospatial offerings at GeoSmart Asia – Locate ‘18, the premier conference for geospatial technology in Asia Pacific region, taking place from April 9-11, 2018 in Adelaide, Australia. According to the company’s spokesperson, “At Locate 18 we will introduce OneAtlas, our new digital data platform, which provides API access to our vast archive of optical and radar imagery, elevation models, cloud-based processing software…(Read More)

New NASA model finds landslide threats in near real-time during heavy rains

For the first time, scientists can look at landslide threats anywhere around the world in near real-time, thanks to satellite data and a new model developed by NASA. The model, developed at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland, estimates potential landslide activity triggered by rainfall. Rainfall is the most widespread trigger of landslides around the world. If conditions beneath Earth’s surface are already unstable, heavy rains act as the last straw that causes mud, rocks or debris…(Read More)

Radiant Solutions awarded contract from the US Army Geospatial Center

US: Radiant Solutions, a Maxar Technologies company, announced that it has signed a follow-on contract with the Army Geospatial Center (“AGC”) valued at US$2.6 million for their Remote Ground Terminal (“RGT”) program. AGC exercised an option extending Radiant Solutions provision of systems engineering and software development to enhance the RGT program that can provide critical information directly to military and humanitarian aid/disaster relief missions by providing timely access…(Read More)

DJI introduces Metric Camera for aerial surveying

US: DJI has released the X4S camera, a lightweight version of the large aerial cameras carried in manned aircraft. How do aerial or metric cameras differ to a DSLR? An aerial mapping camera is primarily designed to have a low distortion metric lens and reliable construction to maintain its calibration. To achieve this the cameras have very few moving parts, particularly those that would affect the lens focal length. Aerial camera lenses are very high quality and virtually distortion free. This, and a constant…(Read More)


Indian Railways to use GIS portal, satellite imagery and GPS to monitor trains, manage its assets

In order to give a power boost to its services, Indian Railways is all set to use satellite imagery, GPS and GIS to monitor, maintain and manage its assets across the country. There are two major projects that have been undertaken by the Indian Railways. One is mapping of the entire railway asset infrastructure – which is in two phases; the first is the mapping of the entire track network in the country and in the second phase is mapping of railway land and other assets along the tracks, the Ministry of Railways said in a statement…(Read More)


Geovation- A Hub for Geospatial Community

In an exclusive interview with the Geospatial World, Andy Wilson, Business Development Director of Ordnance Survey talks about Geovation and how it is nurturing start-ups and innovations in the UK. Watch the full interview to know more…(See Here)




Importance of Location for Smart Cities in India- Lakshmi Narayan Rao, CISCO


Lakshmi Narayan Rao, Director & Leader, Digital Transformation of CISCO, India and SAARC explains the importance of Location..(See Here)