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Disaster control network setup in Korea

South Korea will set up a pan-governmental disaster control network in five years so that the 71 related authorities and agencies can better share information on disasters, the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said.

Under the plan, the pan-governmental disaster control network will be set up at 21 agencies such as the Construction and Transportation and the Maritime Affairs and Fisheries ministries, which have real-time information on disasters, by the end of 2006.

Nineteen authorities, including the Commerce, Industry and Energy and the Agriculture and Forestry ministries, and another 31 organizations such as the Cultural Properties Administration will also gradually have the network.

A database and GIS for disaster control will be also established. The 119 emergency number for fire, rescue and relief work, will also deal with natural disasters, electrical accidents, ocean pollution accidents and emergency medical consultation.

For effective control and management of disasters, satellite news gathering (SNG) facilities will be adopted in large cities in preparation for interruptions in wire or wireless communication.

The government also plans to establish a Web site and information center on disasters to encourage people to use the system.