Direct Access service launched for merchants by NAVTEQ

Direct Access service launched for merchants by NAVTEQ


Chicago, Illinois, USA, 27 November 2006 – NAVTEQ, a provider of digital map data for vehicle navigation and location-based solutions, has announced a new service called NAVTEQ Direct Access that allows retailers to accurately and comprehensively include all their locations in the NAVTEQ digital map used by location-enabled consumers around the world.

Navigation system users choose and route to high use retail Points of Interest such as restaurants, hotels, banks/ATM’s, gas stations and stores in their system. By working directly with NAVTEQ, participating merchants now can expose all of their retail locations – even recently opened and newly acquired ones – in the digital map.

NAVTEQ Direct Access offers new customer reach possibilities by leveraging the digital map to reach today’s mobile consumer. Unlike other media types, NAVTEQ Direct Access gives visibility to location information on demand when the consumer is at the decision-making point. Because the map is always in its user’s navigation system regardless of where they go, mobile consumers will always have the participating merchants’ locations with them.

The new service enhances the consumer experience, regardless of their relationship with the participating merchants. Loyal customers interested in finding a particular company’s locations will have a comprehensive listing wherever they go. Prospective consumers using proximity search capabilities en route will be better served by the most accurate geographic placement within the map. The updateable service enables changes to be made to a retail network such as entering new locations as soon as they are open, repositioning store locations to be more precise and removing locations on closing.