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‘Digitise land registration to expedite development’

Bangladesh: Digitising land registration system is urgent because massive use of information technology can curb corruption and expedite development. Bangladesh government has taken up the challenge to digitise the land registration system, though the progress so far is not remarkable, stated A M A Muhith, Finance Minister, Bangladesh. The finance minister came up with this observation while addressing the four-day BCS-ICT World Fair-2010 at Bangabandhu International Conference Centre, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Muhith said, “There has not yet been any concrete planning as to how to digitise the old manual system of registration though we are hearing for the last few years that the government is going to overhaul the land registration offices very shortly through introducing digital archiving of the documents with a view to reducing fraud and litigation in connection with land ownership.”

“A few months back it was reported that a digital database was created for Dhaka city and over 0.42 million land records had already been uploaded into the database. But, we are not hearing any follow-up of the report,” continued Muhith.

Muhith proposed that before undertaking the programme the government should frame a policy to adopt a uniform coding for measuring and earmarking the lands and their titles replacing the old terms and units that were introduced during the Mughal era. There has to be a correct database through proper surveys and digital land zoning based on GIS. A digital land registration system fed with updated data and information as to land ownership may be integrated with the voter/national ID database. And to make the project cost-efficient cloud computing may be adopted. And the job has to be undertaken by our armed forces.

Source: The Financial Express