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Digitally signed cadastral map in Esslingen, Germany

The first official cadastral map with a legal digital signature is based on the SICAD geographical information system and marks the arrival of planning permissions via the Internet. In February 2002, the German Secretary of State for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi), Siegmar Mosdorf and the Mayor of Esslingen, Dr. Jürgen Zieger presented the solution at ‘Build IT’, the construction trade fair in Berlin. The first application of its kind anywhere in the world was implemented by the City of Esslingen and is part of MediaKomm, the BMWi development project to promote the widespread penetration of e-business and e-government.

Thanks to the online platform, all the parties involved in the planning permission process such as local government offices, utility companies and citizens will be able to communicate directly. The solution set up by MediaKomm Esslingen provides a single set of information for all those involved. This in turn provides greater transparency and ensures legal certainty. Thanks to this fully digital solution, all those involved in the process benefit from efficient, accelerated administrative procedures and avoid the media discontinuities associated with processes that are part electronic and part paper. By using system solutions such as the virtual construction platform, the electronic town hall can be integrated into virtual marketplaces such as those from the construction industry. The MediaKomm Esslingen project is therefore paving the way in Germany for modern local administration and its networking with companies and citizens.

The online planning permission procedure comprises a project management platform for virtual project rooms, the electronic signature component, a form assistant and the SICAD geographic information system. This spatial solution is used by Esslingen’s local government to manage the official property maps and make them available for use. The digitally signed cadastral map is based on this fully developed internet-based system as the first full application of the virtual construction platform. Thanks to digital signatures, local authorities will be able to authenticate and approve applications electronically.

The first ever digitally signed cadastral map based on the SICAD geographical information system opens up a complete process chain in the planning permission process, one of the key tasks in e-government. For Esslingen as one of the winning towns in the nationwide [email protected] competition, implementation of the virtual construction platform provides a pioneering service for the construction industry and the citizens of Esslingen. The solution is also a milestone in the electronic marketing and procurement of geo-data and can greatly increase the value of this data for administrations, the economy and society.