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DigitalGlobe wins contract with the County of Maui

DigitalGlobe, provider of high- resolution commercial satellite imagery and geo spatial information products, has announced it has won a contract with the County of Maui to provide cloud free satellite imagery of the entire county for multi departmental use. Data applications include property parcel inventory and management, transportation planning, spatial growth modeling, emergency preparedness, civil defense, and disaster management and assessment.

The County of Maui is replacing its outdated base set of aerial imagery data with DigitalGlobe’s two-foot resolution, 3-band, natural color pan-sharpened 1”= 400’ orthomosaics. The data will be critical to supporting several multi-departmental projects throughout the county, including the Planning Department and the Department of Management’s GIS Division, which provides GIS services for the entire county.
The DigitalGlobe data will be critical in enabling Maui to build a spatial growth model for assessing and managing its growing population. When completed, the spatial growth model will provide a population forecast looking 50 years into the future, helping to foresee the land management requirements of Maui and govern policies to address them in advance.