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DigitalGlobe unveils initial archive access and reduces pricing for satellite imagery

DigitalGlobe announced that effective immediately, it has reduced pricing for its QuickBird Imagery Products, the highest resolution, highest quality commercial satellite imagery available in the world. The QuickBird prices were decreased to respond to customers’ and resellers’ demands for more affordable products. DigitalGlobe also announced that customers may now search archived QuickBird imagery on the company’s Web-based interface before placing product orders.

Price Reduction
“This is more than a pricing adjustment – it is an element of superior customer service that is DigitalGlobe’s benchmark,” said Jeff Kerridge, DigitalGlobe’s vice president of sales. “Our Charter Club customers and our resellers provided valuable feedback about our pricing structure, and their suggestions shaped these changes. The superior quality of our products has stayed the same – and has prompted overwhelmingly positive response from the entire marketplace.”

The price changes affects QuickBird Basic Imagery and Standard Imagery products. The price for panchromatic imagery products was reduced from $30 to $22.50 per square kilometer. Additional price changes include multispectral products at $25 per square kilometer (reduced from $30), the data-bundle containing both panchromatic and multispectral imagery at $30 (reduced from $45), and pan-sharpened products also at $30 (reduced from $37.50).

The new pricing does not affect DigitalGlobe’s philosophy of maintaining single suggested pricing worldwide for its standard products. “Providing simple, streamlined worldwide pricing, in addition to a simplified licensing scheme for multi-organization purchases, has been very well received by our resellers and our end users,” said Joe Thurgood, DigitalGlobe’s vice president of marketing.

In addition, the minimum purchase for Standard imagery products delivered from archive has been reduced from 64 square kilometers to 25 square kilometers. As a result of the new pricing, an archive order may be placed for well below $600.

Archive Access
In related news, DigitalGlobe has unveiled initial access to its QuickBird archive at https://archive.digitalglobe.com.

Through a simple search mechanism, users may identify candidate imagery by region, state, city or other key word, and further qualify the search based on collection date and image quality. Search results allow viewing of browse imagery, key support data and map locations, which can then be used for completing the order by contacting DigitalGlobe.