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DigitalGlobe unveils first Worldview-1 images

Longmont, USA, October 15, 2007: DigitalGlobe, provider of high-resolution commercial satellite imagery and geospatial information products revealed the first images from WorldView-1.

WorldView-1 was successfully launched on September 18 from Vandenberg Air Force Base and has been undergoing a routine calibration and check-out period. DigitalGlobe expects WorldView-1 to be fully operational and delivering imagery products by the end of the year if not sooner. DigitalGlobe is operating a constellation of sub-meter commercial imaging satellites and in late 2008, will complete WorldView-2 which will provide eight bands of multi-spectral data for life-like true color imagery.

“The quality and resolution of WorldView-1’s first images is demonstrative of the superior level of imagery and geospatial information we expect to deliver to our customers,” said Jill Smith, chief executive officer of DigitalGlobe. “Knowing that the satellite continues to undergo final calibration in the coming weeks, we expect the quality of WorldView-1’s imagery to improve even more.”

WorldView-1’s first images include half-meter snapshots from:

  • Houston , Texas, USA acquired October 2, 2007
  • Yokohama , Japan acquired October 5, 2007
  • Addis Ababa , Ethiopia acquired October 5, 2007

    To view the images click here