DigitalGlobe to supply satellite imagery to European Commission

DigitalGlobe to supply satellite imagery to European Commission


Colorado, USA, 25 May 2006: DigitalGlobe’s European business partner Eurimage has entered into a contract with the European Commission (EC) Joint Research Center to supply worldwide satellite imagery over a four-year period. The DigitalGlobe portion of the contract is valued at USD 7.7 million (6 million Euro) and will support all EC institutions, services and agencies.

The EC Joint Research Center will use DigitalGlobe 60-cm resolution QuickBird data primarily to support its Control with Remote Sensing (CwRS) campaign, which is focused on supporting the EC Common Agricultural Policy for all 25 member countries. The reform is intended to improve agriculture management and control systems, and to prevent agricultural subsidy irregularities with the help of remote sensing, geographic information systems and other technologies.

Specifically, high-resolution remote sensing imagery will be used in risk analysis and fraud detection. It will allow officers from the member states and the EC to control farmers’ subsidy requests by determining crop parcels. Through better monitoring of agricultural assets, the EC can ensure that its subsidies are distributed more quickly, efficiently, fairly and reliably.

Imagery from DigitalGlobe WorldView system, scheduled to launch in mid-2007, will also be used to support this contract. Eurimage has also been contracted to supply data from the U.S. Landsat satellite.