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DigitalGlobe to provide satellite imagery to state of Hawaii

DigitalGlobe, provider of high resolution commercial satellite imagery and geospatial information products, has announced the inception of a historic project that helps in the creation of Hawaii’s first publicly available state-wide Digital Ortho Quarter Quadrangles (DOQQ) and updated public image base using QuickBird satellite data. The high-resolution images and DOQQs will assist state officials with more precise planning for property assets, roads, homeland security assets, public safety and accessibility to remote areas, emergency 911 initiatives and environmental and agricultural monitoring, among other important applications.

Due to the rainy nature of the Hawaiian Islands and the associated cloud cover, comprehensive, statewide aerial data collection efforts have often failed and the state’s existing DOQQ has many gaps in its coverage. However, since early 2002, DigitalGlobe has been collecting QuickBird satellite imagery of the normally challenging terrain and topography of Hawaii. QuickBird’s ongoing rotation around the Earth allows DigitalGlobe to revisit areas frequently, successfully overcoming cloud cover issues.

The state of Hawaii acquired from DigitalGlobe a set of DOQQs with 4-band orthorectified data. This purchase enables different state users to gain access to both the color infrared imagery for environmental monitoring and vegetative management applications, and the more familiar natural-color imagery for visualization and analysis.