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DigitalGlobe to expand business, will create over 500 jobs

US: Colorado-based DigitalGlobe is reportedly planning to add more than 500 jobs and is considering relocating its corporate headquarters within the Denver-Boulder area.

The company appeared before the Colorado Economic Development Commission asking for incentives to keep its headquarters in Colorado. It told the commission it would be adding up to 505 jobs over the next five years, and the commission granted an incentive package of up to $4.4 million, tied directly to the number of jobs it adds, according to John Cody, president and CEO of the Longmont Area Economic Council.

“As a result of DigitalGlobe’s recent combination with GeoEye, we now have multiple operations and sites across multiple states including Colorado, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, California and internationally. We are in the process of consolidating our footprint in each locale and are evaluating the locations that will allow our team members to operate most efficiently and support growth consistent with our long range business plans. DigitalGlobe is planning to maintain our global headquarters and significant employee base in Colorado,” the company said in a statement.

Source: Times Call