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DigitalGlobe provides satellite data to improve security at Olympics

US: DigitalGlobe is providing cost-effective, professional-grade imagery and information to international governments and security agencies under its Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympic Security Package. The data is being provided to enhance the safety of athletes, dignitaries, and spectators.

The package includes cloud-based access to historical and near-real time high-resolution satellite imagery, a robust data set describing the local environment, and a highly detailed Digital Surface Model (DSM) of Rio de Janeiro and the Olympic venues.

These unique imagery and imagery-derived products are information-rich and analyst-ready, allowing security teams to quickly unlock critical information and spend the bulk of their time analyzing the data, rather than searching for information.

“Global event security requires rapid access to current, accurate, and complete geospatial information for enhanced contingency planning, risk management, and emergency response,” said Daniel L. Jablonsky, DigitalGlobe General Counsel and General Manager for International Defense & Intelligence.

“As a trusted partner, DigitalGlobe will help governments and security agencies be confident in their ability to keep their athletes and spectators safe during the Summer Olympic Games.” Included in the Summer Olympic Security Package are Basemap +Daily, Human Landscape, and Vricon DSM.

Source: Businesswire