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DigitalGlobe provides headway in MH370 flight search

DigitalGlobe's image that is suspected of pointing at the debris of the missing MH370 flightUS: DigitalGlobe has confirmed that it had provided the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) with the satellite images that appear to show debris that may be related to the missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370.

The official blog of the satellite company read, “The satellite images were captured on 16 March 16 by our WorldView-2 satellite at a resolution of approximately 50 cm. Working with our customers, DigitalGlobe continues to task our satellites to collect imagery of a wide area that includes the waters around where the possible debris was identified yesterday.”

“Given the extraordinary size of the current search area, the lengthy duration of the analysis effort was to be expected. Our constellation of five high-resolution imaging satellites captures more than 3 million square kilometers of earth imagery each day, and this volume of imagery is far too vast to search through in real time without an idea of where to look,” the blog continued.

As the search continues for the 12 consecutive day, DigitalGlobe’ image libraries are being combed on its crowdsourcing platform Tomnod by volunteers in anticipation of finding a conclusive evidence.

Source: DigitalGlobe