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DigitalGlobe powers Japanese GEOINT service

Longmont, US: DigitalGlobe announced that NTT GEOSPACE (NTT KUUKAN JYOUHOU CORPORATION) launched a new online geospatial intelligence service, powered by DigitalGlobe. The service, named GEOSPACE CDS, features on-demand access to imagery sourced from DigitalGlobe’s suite of content services, including DigitalGlobe Global Basemap and DigitalGlobe FirstLook.

NTT GEOSPACE, a recently launched affiliate company of Nippon Telegraph and Telephone, operates in partnership with Hitachi Solutions in the region. The two companies recently signed an agreement establishing NTT GEOSPACE as an authorised provider of DigitalGlobe imagery.

Takashi Inose, CEO of NTT GEOSPACE Corp, said, “On-demand access to the DigitalGlobe service suite allows us to offer our end-users a significantly higher level of content and service quality. Many of our customers require maximum accuracy and resolution, but most importantly the imagery must be current, and it must be delivered as quickly as possible. DigitalGlobe’s capabilities are unmatched in these areas, enabling us to provide our users more up-to-date imagery, faster.”

Using the web-based GEOSPACE CDS interface, users quickly find and begin using the images they need from the complete DigitalGlobe imagery archive of the region, which is the largest and most frequently refreshed library available today. The archive includes more than 80 million photo tiles, covering the majority of the Japanese landmass.

New images of the region are being consistently captured by DigitalGlobe satellites and added to the library, so users can be confident they are finding and accessing the most up-to-date imagery available.

“NTT GEOSPACE has created a comprehensive solution addressing the full spectrum of users’ imagery needs,” said Takayuki Odawara, head of DigitalGlobe’s North Asia commercial operations. “From land resource management, to communications network planning, to emergency planning and response, GEOSPACE CDS powered by DigitalGlobe gives users the content they need to quickly make the best decisions and take the most effective action.”

Source: DigitalGlobe