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DigitalGlobe new product : meet the needs of civil government customers

DigitalGlobe announced the availability of the 1″= 400′-scale digital orthorectified imagery product and a Civil Government License. The new orthomosaics are created using QuickBird two-foot resolution black and white images of the Earth. The product specifications, pricing and licensing are all tailored to U.S. local government requirements and standard operational procedures to better meet the needs of this sector’s existing operational flow. Several government applications will benefit by this product, including GIS map updating, city planning, property appraisal, emergency management, infrastructure mapping, economic development and public works management, among others. The current, affordable orthoimagery of over 500 cities and counties is being offered for immediate order. All orthoimagery of these communities and surrounding areas is less than one year old, at a ground resolution of two feet and a scale of 1″ = 400′. The images are black and white, seamlessly mosaicked, and produced in the map projection and datum of choice. Current stock imagery will be delivered within a few weeks of ordering. As a special government promotion, DigitalGlobe is offering this current orthoimagery at a substantial discount. Additionally, DigitalGlobe can be contracted to collect new imagery to meet specific project schedules.

Customers may supply their existing Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Ground Control Point (GCP) data to receive further discounts on mosaicked orthoimagery. Product specifications will vary according to the quality of this customer-provided data.

Benefits associated with the 1″ = 400′ black and white orthomosaics include:

· Current imagery – all collected within the last year
· Very affordable pricing starting at US$115.00 per square mile
· New licensing for local government – there is no limit to the number of users from any federal, state or local government organization
· Cloud-free imagery
· Off-the-shelf imagery depicting over 500 cities and counties throughout the US

DigitalGlobe is an Earth imagery and information company in Longmont, Colorado, USA. With the 2001 launch of its QuickBird satellite. The company provides the world’s highest resolution commercial satellite imagery, the greatest collection capacity, the most up-to-date in stock imagery and the largest image size of any other satellite imagery provider. The competition has no plans to launch a comparable commercial satellite until at least 2006.