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DigitalGlobe introduces DigitalGlobe CitySphere product

DigitalGlobe has introduced DigitalGlobe CitySphere, a product aimed at helping mappers, planners and GIS specialists to improve all geospatial applications with the rapid delivery of current, repeatable, high-resolution satellite imagery data.

DigitalGlobe CitySphere is the first off-the-shelf collection of QuickBird satellite imagery covering 200 international urban centers. Offered as 60-centimeter (two-foot) resolution, color orthomosaics with 1:4,800 scale map accuracy, CitySphere products featuring these 200 urban centers will be updated on an annual basis. The updated imagery is guaranteed to be newer than 24 months. DigitalGlobe will release new worldwide cities monthly over the next 12 months.

DigitalGlobe CitySphere provides the foundation and geographic context for a wide range of applications that rely on up-to-date imagery. It is ideally suited for customers who need consistent, reliable, current data coverage worldwide and need to integrate imagery into their workflows and decision-making processes. The product is available in two options — Basemap GIS and Basemap Advanced — in order to meet a variety of customer requirements.