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DigitalGlobe introduces ‘A3C Quality Framework’ concept

US, March 11, 2015: DigitalGlobe has introduced the 'A3C Quality Framework' concept to help customers and end users select the right imagery for their needs.

A3C stands for Accuracy, Currency, Completeness, and Consistency, which are the four pillars of image quality that have the greatest impact on performance for most applications. The company believes that with its A3C Quality Framework its customers and the industry would have definitive metrics to compare and discuss the quality of imagery from diverse sources to select the product for the job.

DigitalGlobe defines A3C Quality Framework for imagery selection as:

  • Accuracy – Locational accuracy of imagery, information, and insight anchored to the surface of the earth
  • Currency –Temporally relevant content to match customer requirements for timeliness and persistence
  • Completeness – Imagery and information with required resolution, global coverage, and spatial richness
  • Consistency – Content that is uniform through time, location and appearance.

Source: DigitalGlobe