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DigitalGlobe imagery powers Garmin’s latest Marine Cartography

Colorado, USA, 16 April 2007: DigitalGlobe today announced that it will provide high-resolution imagery for Garmin’s BlueChart g2, which is a new line of highly detailed cartography from Garmin. Under the association of BlueChart g2 with DigitalGlobe imagery, it will provide the electronic charting devices to give boaters unparalleled access to high resolution commercial imaging system.

BlueChart g2 is a new version of BlueChart and it has all the detail of traditional BlueChart, but with 3D perspective, and richer detail and content. The BlueChart g2 plotters now powered with imagery from DigitalGlobe will provide a realistic “view from space” map depiction. With the addition of BlueChart g2 Vision software, these images contain upgraded detailed imagery with true 3D-view perspective, both above and below the waterline. Additional enhancements include general coastal road detail, marine services information, and improved IALA navigational symbols. Other chart features include port plans, wrecks, restricted areas and more.

“By supplying the detailed imagery behind the BlueChart g2, DigitalGlobe is helping to bring a new level of accuracy, realism and reliability to one of the leading nautical navigation devices available today,” said Marc Tremblay, vice president and general manager of DigitalGlobe’s commercial business unit. He added,“We look forward to continuously enhancing the development of our digital archive, supplying Garmin’s customers with the finest high-resolution satellite and aerial imagery available.”

“Leveraging DigitalGlobe’s images, the BlueChart g2 is one of the most advanced cartography devices available today, far surpassing traditional maps in its usability and accuracy,” said Greg DeVries, Garmin’s director of marine sales and marketing. “Our decision to utilize DigitalGlobe imagery was based on the company’s reputation as one of the best providers of imagery available. DigitalGlobe has both the technology and customer base to prove it, and we are excited to work with them.”