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DigitalGlobe, GIS People partner on geospatial data

Australia: DigitalGlobe has partnered with GIS People to provide geospatial data offerings to customers in Australia.

Igor Stjepanovic, GIS People’s managing director, said Tuesday the partnership is intended to help GIS’ remote sensing department to acquire data for its operations.

“The capability to quickly extract information from pixel-based data is hugely useful in a number of industries that we operate in including oil and gas, infrastructure, finance, property, transport, environment, and many more,” Stjepanovic added.

“DigitalGlobe is pleased to work with GIS People to bring the highest quality geospatial data and information products to the Australian market,” said Takayuki Odawara, DigitalGlobe’s vice president of Asia-Pacific commercial sales.

Source: Executive Biz