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DigitalGlobe estimates $400 mn yearly revenue from selling higher-resolution imagery

US: In the wake of optimistic signals from the US government officials over relaxing regulations pertaining to the commercial sale of higher-resolution imagery, DigitalGlobe has said that it estimates a $400 million-a-year global market once the decision is cemented.

During a recent interaction with media, Chief Financial Officer Yancey Spruill was quoted saying, “That day cannot come soon enough for the only provider of commercial satellite images in the United States. Until then, DigitalGlobe cannot use its technology to full effect. There is a market opportunity with a roughly $400 million addressable market that we cannot participate in today because of the regulatory regime of our government.”

DigitalGlobe had put a request with the authorities in 2013 for a license to sharpen the resolution of its images to 25 cm from 50 cm. Its WorldView-3 satellite scheduled for launch later this year has been designed provide 31 cm panchromatic resolution, 1.24 m multispectral resolution, 3.7 m short wave infrared resolution and 30 m CAVIS resolution.

DigitalGlobe, which has a market capitalization of $2.3 billion, gets about 85 percent of its revenue from government contracts around the world. US government contracts alone account for 58 percent. Experts predict that if the regulations are relaxed DigitalGlobe will also be able to offer higher-resolution imagery to new customers who earlier had to rely only on aerial imagery providers.

Source: Yahoo