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DigitalGlobe ends MH370 search campaign

US: DigitalGlobe has put an end to its crowdsourced mapping campaign for the missing MH370 flight. The company stated on its blog, “Over 8 million of you joined DigitalGlobe’s campaign on the Tomnod platform and together we tagged millions of possible clues spanning 1,007,750 square kilometers of high resolution satellite imagery. We are humbled and thrilled by the immense help that each of you contributed.”On the blog, the satellite imagery provider also announced the launch of a new crowdsourced campaign for mapping the tornado of United States.

Both the announcements have not been received well by Webizens. Mary Ihd, one of the followers of the blog, commented, “Very very disappointed I what appears to be lack of response from Tomnod after hundreds of hours of searching by so many people. Was there any follow up from Tomnod to any of the searchers? How about all those items found in the Gulf of Thailand? Neither a “yay” or “nay”. Hmmmmm…and now you have new maps to tag? [sic]”

One of the volunteer of the campaign, Karina Coogan, commented. “Many people gave up weeks of full-time and beyond work in order to help. I for one will not be helping in any more searches as I’m not convinced that Digital Globe even has a working relationship with the agencies involved in the search. There was also a lot of talk that Digital Globe gets paid by click, so it’s immaterial whether a million searchers all search the same tiles. It strikes me that 40-50 people at the most searching the same tiles is enough, and that anything more than that is waste timing people’s very precious time and manpower. I really hope that Tomnod and DigitalGlobe do formal debriefings after this, so you can learn from your mistakes and improve on them for future searches.”

Source: DigitalGlobe Blog