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DigitalGlobe announces launch date for WorldView-1

Longmont, USA, August 13, 2007: Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corp., ITT Corporation, and DigitalGlobe, the provider of the high-resolution imagery and geospatial information products, announced delivery of their WorldView-1 satellite from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California for its scheduled launch on Tuesday, September 18, 2007. WorldView-1 is the first of two new next-generation satellites DigitalGlobe has planned to launch.
After launch on September 18, WorldView-1 will undergo a calibration and check out period and will deliver imagery soon after. First imagery from WorldView-1 is expected to be available prior to October 18, the 6th anniversary of the launch of QuickBird, DigitalGlobe’s current satellite. WorldView-1 will have an average revisit time of 1.7 days and will be capable of collecting up to 750,000 square kilometers (290,000 square miles) per day of half-meter imagery. The satellite will also be equipped with state-of-the-art geo-location accuracy capabilities and will exhibit stunning agility with rapid targeting and efficient in-track stereo collection.
WorldView-1 is part of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)’s NextView program. The programme is designed to ensure that the NGA has access to commercial imagery in support of its mission to provide timely, relevant and accurate geospatial intelligence in support of national security. The majority of the imagery captured by WorldView-1 for the NGA will also be available for sale through DigitalGlobe’s archive. Additionally, the launch of WorldView-1 immediately frees up capacity on DigitalGlobe’s QuickBird satellite to meet the growing commercial demand for multi-spectral geospatial imagery.