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DigitalGlobe announces EnhancedView contract option year

DigitalGlobe announced that it signed a contract with the US National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) to transition the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) EnhancedView Service Level Agreement (SLA) for commercial imagery acquisition, effective September 1, 2018. The NRO contract, referred to as EnhancedView Follow-On, includes the two remaining option years of the NGA SLA and exercises the first $300 million option year. DigitalGlobe will continue without interruption its long-standing commitment to deliver the highest resolution, most accurate commercial satellite imagery, enabling US Government users to make decisions with confidence.

The performance-based contract maintains the same terms and conditions and provides the U.S. Government guaranteed tasking of DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-1, WorldView-2 and WorldView-3 satellites and access to the company’s 100-petabyte imagery library and analytics capabilities. U.S. Government users, including defense and intelligence agencies, civil governments and humanitarian organizations, rely on DigitalGlobe imagery to plan and execute military missions, respond to natural disasters, monitor humanitarian crises around the globe and meet many other geospatial intelligence needs.

DigitalGlobe was awarded an additional new contract to further integrate its imagery production, distribution and operations with US Government systems through a cloud-based infrastructure. The additional federal funding for further integration will allow for closer interoperability between the U.S. Government and DigitalGlobe’s current and future ground and space architectures.

“With this new chapter, we build on our strong relationship of almost two decades serving the U.S. Government,” said Dan Jablonsky, DigitalGlobe President. “DigitalGlobe has exceeded the success criteria of its EnhancedView contract for six consecutive years, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to the U.S. Government mission. Our hard-working team members are honored to serve as a trusted partner to the defense and intelligence community and civilian agencies as they protect our nation and build a better world.”