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DigitalGlobe announces Ball Aerospace is building WorldView 2 satellite

Longmont, USA, 2 January 2007 – DigitalGlobe, provider of high resolution commercial satellite imagery and geospatial information products, today announced that Ball Aerospace & Technologies Corporation is building WorldView 2.

WorldView 2, the third satellite in DigitalGlobe’s constellation of spacecraft, is the only next generation system to be built independent of U.S. Government financing.

The satellite is scheduled to be launched in late 2008; work on the satellite sensor is nearing completion at ITT and work on long lead items on the satellite bus has been underway since early 2006. WorldView 2 is the third remote-sensing satellite built by Ball Aerospace for DigitalGlobe. The satellite is aimed at replacing QuickBird, which is expected to be in operation until late 2009.

WorldView 2 would provide eight bands of multi-spectral for life-like true color imagery and greater spectral applications in the mapping and monitoring markets. It will operate at an altitude in excess of 800 kilometers and offer target selection flexibility and increased spectral capabilities.

Its agility, larger on-board storage and greater communication downlink capabilities will provide DigitalGlobe with significantly more imaging capacity, enabling it to collect up to 950,000 square kilometers of world class half-meter imagery daily, and allow direct tasking and downlinking of imagery to customer locations.

“WorldView 2 will enable DigitalGlobe to collect almost five times the imagery of any current commercial system, and is a significant step in our strategic plan to meet increased market demand for geospatial data,” said Jill Smith, DigitalGlobe President and CEO. “The addition of WorldView 2 will provide DigitalGlobe, with higher collection capabilities, more frequent revisit and refresh, more spectral information and greater imaging flexibility.”

Ball Aerospace has previously partnered with DigitalGlobe to build its existing QuickBird satellite and is currently completing the construction of WorldView 1, scheduled to be on-orbit in mid-2007.

“We have been working with DigitalGlobe on two of its current satellites and are happy our technology is contributing to such a successful application of satellite imagery,” said Ball Aerospace President and CEO, David L. Taylor.