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Digital Vector Maps publishes editable maps of US cities

California, USA, 05 June 2007: Digital Vector Maps has published more than 300 new vector maps of US cities. The new vector maps cover greater metropolitan areas for over 300 major cities across the US.

The maps comprises of multiple layers which can be individually edited allowing users to get flexibility in handling a projects. Layers available in each of the maps include features such as: city borders, rail lines, highways, roads, water features, major landmark features, national park boundaries and county borders etc.

The digital vector maps are available in Adobe Illustrator or editable PDF formats. Since both of which use a vector based approach to displaying images, one can easily zoom into any portion of maps without any degradation in the quality of the text, lines and symbols of the map regardless of the magnification factor. Using Adobe Illustrator, one can then easily select area of interest in the maps and then add custom symbols and other changes to the map.