Digital Topographical Base Mapping Service Sets New Industry Standard for Accuracy, Speed,...

Digital Topographical Base Mapping Service Sets New Industry Standard for Accuracy, Speed, and Price


USA – New View Digital Mapping’s team of surveyors and engineers has developed an innovative software application that incorporates highly accurate and reliable digital data from multiple sources into the production of extremely precise topographic maps, meshes, 3D solids, hydrological studies, flow arrow maps, and earthwork studies. This technological breakthrough increases accuracy, lowers costs, and results in faster delivery time. New View Digital Mapping is currently offering their digital mapping services to a limited number of land developers, civil engineering firms, government agencies, and environmental engineering firms.

In the past, surveyors employed photogrammetry or GPS lock points, logging between ten and several hundred data points per acre over a site to create a conventional topographical map.

These results were then compared to nearby benchmarks and assigned specific values. If these “golden landmarks” were inaccurate, the map maker had to find other spots via bearings, which could introduce even more inaccuracies.

The data set was then sent to a contour generating program and 3-6 weeks later, a topographical map was delivered for $2,000 – $8,000 per acre, sometimes uncoordinated and without the digital data in CAD format.

Today, with the advent of digital satellite imaging, the bar has been raised when it comes to creating topographical maps. Gone is yesterday’s standard of 50-150 points – which may be relatively exact (as compared to a landmark), with the rest coming from interpolation that can be as far as 20% off from true elevation. That has been replaced by today’s standard set by New View Digital Mapping services that produce topographical maps with 5,000 data points within 0.2% of true elevation via a DEM (Digital Elevation Model).