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Digital Reasoning releases GeoLocator 2.0

Brentwood, USA, September 11, 2007: Digital Reasoning Systems Inc., the intelligence-software provider announced the release of GeoLocator version 2.0, a geotagging software.

GeoLocator 2.0 will enable its commercial customers the same powerful geotagging tools that were built and are currently used by various US intelligence agencies. It is a precision-based tool that extracts populated places from unstructured text (i.e emails, instant messages, and other documents) and returns the extracted locations with their respective geo-coordinates.

The following are a few of the new features and enhancements within GeoLocator 2.0:

  • User-defined custom gazetteer
  • Multiple interfaces, to include both a command line and GUI interface
  • Export function that can target XML, KML or any custom format
  • Various text markup options
  • Web Service and Java API Interfaces