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Digital Quest and IAEGS partner to develop online GIS courses

29 March 2006: Digital Quest, Inc. and the Institute for Advanced Education in Geospatial Sciences (IAEGS) at The University of Mississippi, US have announced on 29 March that they have entered into a MoU to collaborate on the development, marketing and distribution of online GIS and Remote Sensing courses. This strategic partnership will result in a wider distribution of already existing courses as well as the creation of new courses to better address needs in academia, industry, and government.

The IAEGS has created the Knowledge Delivery Engine and all of the tools necessary to effectively facilitate the creation and delivery of geospatial courses online. A current repository of more than 28 courses cover such topics as introduction to remote sensing; decision support systems; orbital mechanics; digital image processing; business geographics; and aerial photographic interpretation. IAEGS, established in 2001 under the auspices of a NASA Challenge grant, is now offering these online courses worldwide. Digital Quest, a private business member of the geospatial industry cluster in Mississippi, US focuses on designing, developing, distributing and supporting geospatial/remote sensing educational, classroom-based products.