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Digital maps in multiple formats available

USA: Now, designers can get any Map Resources digital map file in the format they prefer to use. For the first time, Map Resources’ collection of Adobe Illustrator maps is available to all graphics users. Users can order PDF maps, EPS maps, JPEG maps, TIF maps or Photoshop maps.

Alternative format maps will offer the identical appearance as the original Illustrator map. Depending on the format they choose, users will have varied ability to customise their maps. Vector map formats, such as PDF and EPS, will allow resizing and font quality text. Photoshop format maps will include editable map layers. Users can choose from digital World maps, Country maps, USA maps, City maps, County maps. Custom maps can also be delivered in alternate formats.

The royalty free maps from Map Resources can be used for print, web and broadcast applications.

The entire map collection can be accessed online: https://www.mapresources.com

Map Resources has specialized in developing editable maps for the professional business and graphics industry since 1984. The company offers a complete selection of stock vector maps and custom mapping services.