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Digital maps for Colombia election

Colombia: The Web 2.0 Team of Juan Manuel Santos along with Servinformacion, introduced a new service on its website, with the goal of empowering the voters of Colombia with easy to use technology to locate voting locations. It allows citizens to see the exact voting place after inserting their voter id number into a form on the website.

The technology, known as geo-targeting, is another big step for the digital campaign of Juan Manuel Santos. It facilitates the voting process that is crucial for the democracy of Colombia. After submitting their id number in the application, the data is matched against the electoral census and then returns the address of the voting location with geographical coordinates.

Ximena Patino CEO of Servinformacion, said, “I am happy that the technology has facilitated the voting process for the citizens. We hope that many more Colombians, no matter their political affiliation, use this tool for the second round elections.”

According to Ravi Singh, Founder and CEO, ElectionMall.com, the company that provides the technology for Juan Manuel Santos’ campaign, said, “The concept of E-Democracy is about providing the correct technological tools so that people may massively participate in democracy.”

“The Colombian elections have seen many pioneering aspects of the digital democracy in Latin America and this technology is a perfect example,” said Roberto Prieto, General Manager of Juan Manuel Santos’ campaign.

Source: PRNewswire